Canterbury World Naked Bike Ride
Folkestone, United Kingdom
Canterbury Castle, Castle Street, Canterbury CT1 2PR, Canterbury, United Kingdom
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The 3rd annual Canterbury WNBR

Saturday May 30th 2015,

meet 2pm ride 3.30pm.


The world naked bike ride (wnbr) is an annual event that draws attention to the absurdity of oil & gas dependency and celebrates the potential of cycling and the human body. The overuse of the planet's vanishing oil reserves causes pollution, global warming and leads to war, inequality and injustice. Many politicians want to subsidise the car industry and build more runways. They call such follies progress but this is progress towards disaster.

WNBR is an international movement, with rides taking place in over forty locations in the UK and around the world. Riding naked emphasises the vulnerability of cyclists on the road, at the same time as celebrating humanity in the face of mechanisation. If it seems a little crazy, think about the total madness of car culture and its inevitable results.

Canterbury is easy to get to from France, ferries at Dover or the euro star train to Ashford international then a normal train to Canterbury.

Canterbury est facile d'accès depuis la France, ferries à Douvres ou le train Eurostar à Ashford International qu'un train normal de Canterbury.

Roulez aussi nu que vous l'osez!
Éliminez toute dépendance à l'essence.
et rendez nos routes plus sûres pour les cyclistes.
Date: Samedi le 30 Mai 2015
Heure: 14:00

Location: Canterbury Castle, Castle Street, Canterbury CT1 2PR Les moins de 16 ans doivent être accompagnés par un parent ou un autre adulte responsable.


Canterbury World Naked Bike Ride 2015

Samedi le 30 Mai 2015

Rassemblement à 14h pour le départ à 15.30h

Canterbury Castle, Castle Street, Canterbury CT1 2PR