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Australian naturists

We have been on this site for a long time but so far we have not come across any others from our country, unfortunately French is not one of our languages, well maybe a little from Lindsay, which is probably the reason that no one else from Australia comes on here. But we are not worried as we have met some lovely people here and hope to make more. We have travelled a lot through Europe and in particular France. Not so much any more, as we need to see more of our country. We have been nudists for about 35 years, we keep very fit and love to meet others in the lifestyle. If you are coming to Australia let us know and maybe we can meet or at least give you information on where or what to see.

Lindsay & June 

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Welcome to Etrenu Wink

Hugo - La bonne humeur est une politesse... !

Hi, Lindsay & June

Our life style doesn't differ from one place to another... Nakedness is our law.
Some people here around have good english and won't hesitate to lauch dials with you.
Get back here in "Holland" country, and we will welcome you again with pleasure, indeed.
Next time in Australia, I'll enjoy meeting you there... Don't ask me when ;-)
Cheers. Philippe.