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Naturists the world gather ..

 Naturists the world gather ..

Naturists the world gather behind the naturist social network
zerokini .

Why so successful?

Zerokini offers naturist many features that facilitate discuss and information. Photographs and videos but also a webcam chat , instant messaging ( Messenger ) , a directory of various naturist places in the world, naturist events , classifieds , a shop, a general wall as Facebook, etc. .
Zerokini became in a few months the daily meeting place of thousands of naturists.

Why 100% naturist ?

Zerokini not to mix genres . Pornography and sex are forbidden. Moderation is on these strict and effective .

Access to zerokini is it free?

Yes , registering on the site is free and access to certain features such as General Wall , forums , places naturists, naturist events, shop .
However , consultation , photos, videos as well as the reception and sending of messages between members require a subscription .

Why  "paying" is the future of naturism on the net?

Several reasons for the interest to choose a paying nudist site:

* Security and peace : in fact, the " paying " mode allows a real identification of each member and avoids any abuse often made anonymously .

* The " paying " mode also ensure compensation moderation is continuous and the development of new features. This allows the same way to ensure the protection of data members.

* Daily management of such a network need many human and financial resources.

Free access on the net are they going to  disappear ?

Yes, gradually .Look at the big names of the net today, Facebook , Twitter, and many newspapers and magazines : they all develop the principle of the subscription ( paywall ) .

Zerokini will therefore make a lot of money ?

What is important is not how zerokini will win but what  it will make with this money and how it will use it. When money is use to create jobs and fund humanitarian or environmental projects , who can wish him fail ?

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